Over the last couple of weeks, I have been utilizing TFS 2010 quite a bit along with TeamBuild.  Overall the experience is pretty nice, however, there are definitely some usability issues that I have run into over this time that I have discovered through various web searches and asking experts.  Attaching files was one of them. Pasting screenshots the other.

Attaching Emails Between Outlook and TFS Work Items

This is simply a drag and drop scenario, with a caveat.  You must be on the attachments tab and drop directly into the list area of the attachments.  Drag the message from Outlook over to the work item you want that already has the Attachments tab open.  Drop it and your done!



Attaching Screenshots to TFS Work Items

Sometimes there are many workflow steps to attaching images from screenshots to a work item, but many times it is nice to just take the clipboard contents and put it the work item.  This is very simple to do, but hard to discover.  Just take the screenshot via your favorite screen clipping program (mine is OneNote (Win + S)), select the attachments tab for the work item and hit paste.  That’s it. 

What other tips do you have for working in TFS?