It is those little things during a rebuild of a machine that will always get you.  Mine is redoing all of the settings in getting Visual Studio back on track.  After a base install, here are the steps that I did to get it back in working order:

  1. Installed TestDriven.Net
  2. Installed VisualSVN and TortoiseSVN
  3. Installed CodeRush (This is a must have).  I didn’t export my changes though originally.  I will have to go back through and make changes manually then add to my backup strategy.
  4. Ran Visual Studio Registry Hacks file I created.  Thanks to Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day blog for these settings (Visual Studio Registry The following settings changes include:
    1. Make the most recent tab appear at the front
    2. Change Find in Files text of the output window.
  5. Changed my default Colors and Fonts (I use several different theme settings, depends on my mood).  See Scott Hanselman’s post on these.
  6. ASP.Net MVC 1.0 and latest Silverlight bits
  7. Changed my Tools – Options Settings.  I didn’t do a good job at creating a backup of these particular settings.  However, going forward I will definitely keep these handy.  I have included my settings file here (Core Settings). See these details below:


  • Documents – Show Miscellaneous files (checked) – Value = 5
  • Import and Export Settings – Change to new location (D:\VS\CurrentSettings.vssettings)

Projects and Solutions

  • General – Projects Location (D:\Projects)
  • General – User Project Templates Location (D:\VS\ProjectTemplates)
  • General – User Item Templates (D:\VS\ItemTemplates)
  • General – Check Track Active Item
  • General – Check Show Output Window when rebuilding
  • Build and Run – Select Do Not Launch when errors occur for build
  • Build and Run – Check Use Selected Project for new solutions (delete .suo files from existing solution if this feature doesn’t work)

Text Editor

  • General – All Languages – Check Line Numbers
  • C# – General – Uncheck Allow Cut/Copy on blank lines
  • C# – Advanced – Uncheck Implement Interface with Region
  • C# – Advanced – Uncheck Place System directives first
  • Plain Text – General – Check word wrap and show glyphs
  • Plain Text – General – Uncheck Allow Cut/Copy on blank lines

As you can see there is a lot of updates that had to take place.  Overall time, about 2 hours to get everything straight.  How much time has been lost by developers just getting an environment setup like this.

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