On Friday, September 25, I attended a great conference on Social Media 101.  Here are some of the key ideas that I took away from the conference in regards to how I can use twitter better.

Using twitter to capture thoughts and ideas.  The hashtag #sm101 was great for me to jot my thoughts as they came to me.  Hopefully they were relevant to others as well.  It is a great stream of consciousness tool from that perspective.  Most of my notes for this post are pulled from that hashtag in more detail.

Interaction of twitter between other social media applications was key for me. One quote I got from a panel member was that twitter is the tagline to your blog.  I personally have found that to be true.  I did a post on Coderush and Xunit and sent a tweet out about it.  The post found its way into DevExpress’s newsletter (Making CodeRush Templates Xunit Friendly).

I think the biggest area where I got a lot of information was around how the company can use social media. The Tribal DDB presentation was awesome and a must download. Talent really is Social. Interviewing has definitely changed over the last couple of years, with all the research that can now be done online.  A couple of other items:

  • Brand your blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page.  Take the extra time.  I will be working on that this weekend.
  • If you are tweeting on behalf of a company account, include your initials at the end of the tweet.
  • Develop company social media guidelines.  Encourage what the employees CAN do, not what they can’t.
  • Your employees are ALREADY saying things about your company.  Be part of the conversation.
  • How do you differentiate yourself, so that a recruiter will look at you.  Job boards could be on the way out.  Is your Linked In account updated?

There was a lot of questions from the audience in particular about the line of Business/Personal for social media.  Here is my thought on that.

  1. Have integrity.  The trust factor that you will build with your followers is key. 
  2. Know your audience. If the account you are using is all work related, the majority should be work based, however, let them know you are a real person too.
  3. You are yourself whether at work or off the clock.  People are going to search for you on the web.  Be aware of this and use social media appropriately.
  4. Be generous and helpful to others.  It was said on one of the panels that being generous to others 12 times as much will give a much better value than being selfish.
  5. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.  Even if your competitor is doing something of value, share it and acknowledge it.

There were a lot of references from yesterdays conference.  Here is a list that I came up with.