The other day I was making some pretty significant changes (downgrades to 2.0, don’t ask) in a solution.  I am very bad about optimizing using statements when they are not needed (this is a great refactor in CodeRush).   It got me to thinking about YAGNI and how I needed to just remove those items from the templates to begin with.

I am not going into the details of how to customize item templates, just go search, but here are some of the changes I made:

  • Class Item Templates
    • made the class public by default.  This alone is great and IMHO should be the default out of the box.
    • removed all usings, except for System.  This required a modification to the references section in the vstemplate also, so that the System.Xml and System.Data references aren’t added to the project.
  • Interface Templates – Same as the Class template
  • Class Library Project
    • Removed the Class1.cs and creation.  I always delete this anyways.
    • Removed all references, except for System at the project level.

Although, these changes may seem small, I noticed an immediate improvement to my productivity.  I then backed these up, so the next time I do a clean install they will be ready to go.

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