The Nomadic Developer: Surviving and Thriving in the World of Technology Consulting


I want to thank the Seattle .Net User Group for giving me the opportunity to review this book.  Everyone, please support your local user groups.


I thought this would be primarily about the journey of a developer.  How wrong I was.  This book is a terrific compendium of all I have know consulting to be but never have found in one place.  Any person that wishes or is a consultant, this book should be a must read on your shelf or kindle.

When I finished reading this book, I was compelled to do the following:

  • Get questions answered of the company I work for
  • Evaluate how I will be a consultant now and in the future
  • Let every person in my organization know that they should read the book.  I currently belong to one of the companies described in this book.
  • Establish my network and start building based upon who and what I know today

The Best Chapter

Without a doubt, I must say that Chapter 5 had nuggets of knowledge that will be with me throughout my consulting career.  This is a must read before you go on your next interview.  Even in today’s job market, not all job opportunities will be the right ones.  Use the questions in this chapter to help make your decision.

Sage Advice

I must say this appendix was not a hit with me, but may be for others.  I found the little tidbit highlights throughout the book were more valuable to me, instead of a few key consultants points of view.


Please take the time and read this book if you are in any of the following technology consulting areas:

  1. Recruiters – I believe you will get a fuller understanding on how to deal with developers and talk on their level.
  2. Sales – This book has 101 type insights for anyone joining the technology sales rollercoaster.
  3. Developers/Consultants – Please dive in.  This book is bound to help someone truly land in their ideal workplace and make good decisions.

Thanks Aaron