Question:  How efficient is your new hire process in regards to developers?  Is a developer up and running on your project in two hours or two days? Can the developer start working on any project with a minimal impact to the team?  Lately these are some of the questions I have had. 

Determine your baseline

As the new developers have come on board, it was evident that our process is not as it should be.  I have been observing some of the blocks that have come during the process and made a baseline checklist of what needs to happen.  Here is where I am at today:

  1. Ensure the developer machine is imaged and ready to go.  This alone is difficult especially when the machine needs:
    • Latest Windows updates
    • New software tools
    • Miscellaneous updates as needed.
  2. Permissions – Ensure that any incoming developer has the right permissions to get to the materials they need to be productive.
    • Source Code Repository
    • SharePoint / Project information
    • Development Environment Resources
    • Account Access Groups
  3. Process Overview – How is the employee expected to work within the team.
    • Time management
    • Status reporting and documentation
    • POCs for questions
    • Overview of what they are working on

Streamlining the process

Right now this process takes between 1 to 2 days of time with multiple people involved.  Many pieces can be streamlined, even automated.  My goal is to break the processes down into “quick hits” and “long term nice to haves”.  Ideally, I would like a developer up to speed within 3 hours looking into code.

Is this doable?  Your thoughts are welcome