For the last few months, my development team has added an extra process to their daily standup, everyone should share a blog that they have read.  The stated purpose was to get interaction within the team and knowledge share.  Lately though, it hasn’t had the effect that I wanted.


When we first started this process it was met with lukewarm adoption.  Initially statements were made that it was essentially a waste of time. Parameters had to be put around the type of blog entries when one person talked about a Lifehacker post on building something out of champagne corks. After providing the team my OPML list, everyone only stayed within that list to grab their blogs.

A trend started happening within the team.  The general excuse was “I didn’t have time to read a blog this morning.”  This has been very hard for me being a person that wants to share knowledge to benefit the greater good. From a positive note, when a good blog did come up some lively discussions ensued. The downside to this was stand ups could go off topic and focus, 15 minutes could become 30 minutes.

The Aha Moment

Yesterday was my aha moment. Two people didn’t share a blog because of whatever reason.  Then one person on the team stated that he would rather share something that he was working on that would benefit the team more directly.  That was when it hit me.  It is not so much of finding the blog for the knowledge sharing as it is of providing something of value that we can all learn from.