For the last several months, I have had several changes in my environment that has caused me to take a look at how I collect information.  I am now doing more research than ever, my job has changed, and I am working to become a more organized person (although I will never reach GTD nirvana).  Lately the questions for me have been:

  • Where did I see that sample?
  • Which email account did I get that information in?
  • Do you mean I have to retype all of these meeting notes?
  • What are my next priorities?

Sound familiar?  After playing around with OneNote for a couple of years, it took an aha moment for me.  I learned about sharing notebooks across computers.  This concept has now become invaluable.  Below are a few tips and tricks that I am starting to use with OneNote:

  1. Poor mans Tablet PC.  Last Christmas, I was given a Digimemo L20 for a gift.  This is a pretty ingenious piece of equipment and one I take with me whenever I go to meetings.  The software now includes a way to transport my notes (even in digital ink) to OneNote very quickly.
  2. Use a command line argument to start OneNote on a specific page/section (/hyperlink).  I usually take a little bit of time to discover command line arguments. This time I was a little late in looking at these, but what a time saver.  Every OneNote section or page has a hyperlink that is associated with it, which can be discovered by right-clicking on the page tab/section tab and selecting copy hyperlink to this page.  Combined with SlickRun, this is truly invaluable. OneNote Command Line Switches
  3. Using a notebook on multiple computers. Here is a link.
  4. Using it as a ToDo list manager.  I combine a Slickrun magic word with Todo to go to a specific page in my notebook that is shared across computers.  Get this, the tasks even integrate well with Outlook 2007.


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