One of the challenges I am currently facing is how to manage Resources in a web farm.  I have written a custom provider, that uses a database as it’s main storage mechanism.  Thanks to Michèle Leroux Bustamante for writing a wonderful article on steps that need to be taken to do this. So far, it has been working wonderfully except for one issue.

I want to be able to make a change to a value in the database and be able to see that value in “real time” on the website.  So far, I have only found two ways to accomplish feat.

  1. Recycle the application – This of course is not acceptable, due to the fact I may have more than twenty servers to reset, among other obvious things like screwing up the user experience on the site.
  2. Modify the web.config, which basically does the same thing as #1.

After a lot of research, I have concluded that the resources are cached.  I read in an article that these cache values were not accessible and that was by design because resources are static.  I am looking for a way to just reset these cached resources without affecting the rest of the application.  Any help would be appreciated.



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