MSTest Command-Line options

I have been trying to use Visual Studio for all of my unit testing, to evaluate how it compares to NUnit.  I have not had very favorable results so far.  One of the areas, that I have struggled in is the ability to see Trace information within the results as I run the tests.  As I have found out, there are a lot of command line switches that can be used, one of them in particular is /detail. Notice traceinfo? This is great news, except for one thing.  How do you tell Visual Studio to place that switch by default when running tests through the IDE.  I have ended up running the tests through the command line at this point, until someone smarter than me can tell me how to set that switch for the IDE.


As a side note, but related, I ran across a great post from Jay Flowers in regards to MSTest and CI.  It just goes to show how much Lutz Roeder’s Reflector can help improve your productivity.



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