Dan Appleman had a show on DotNetRocks that talked about Discoverability.  After listening to the show, I realized that I could really make use of the custom search functionality in Google (Google Custom Search).  I am starting to create several different custom searches based upon existing work that I am doing. 

The url is pretty crazy, but I hack each one and put it into a SlickRun magic word (s\gat).  Then instant results!!!  This has really focused my content searches and improved my productivity.


Examples of my custom searches are:

  • Items centered around the Guidance Automated Toolkit, and DSL
  • MSBuild
  • Continuous integration
  • Also, I use Dan’s SearchDotNet.com  He has really comprised a great refinement for .Net stuff.


Adding a new site is also easy, just use the Google Marker, bookmarklet.


Try it out on my custom GAT search engine.  Here is the link Custom GAT Search Engine.  Please feel free to contribute also, if you know of a great site that I am missing.