Well, I spent yesterday utilizing the wiki that comes as part of SharePoint 2007.  Here are my findings:

1.  For someone who has never used a wiki, the WYSIWYG interface does all that you need to do.


All the normal “Office” buttons are there.  The major one lacking is the style dropdown.  This definitely is one that should be there populated with styles such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.

2.  I was really disappointed in the true lack of wiki syntax.  For those of us that have used a wiki before the whole purpose was to do down and dirty work on the keyboard.  Many shortcuts usually exist to make this a lot easier.  This webpart only comes with one [[pagename | page text]] to create a new wiki page.  It doesn’t even support anchor tags.  Definitely a bummer.

3.  Images are links only and cannot be embedded.  I had to create an image library and use links that way to add an image to my wiki page.  Also, when the image button is clicked, there is no browse capability.  Cut and Paste become your friends.

4.  I found it interesting that every paragraph doesn’t use the <p> tag in the source, but is surrounded by a <div> tag. 

5.  The SharePoint wiki is treated like a document library for the most part. I did find out that you can’t create other folders inside of it though.  This would have been ideal for storing images with relative paths.

So far that is about it.


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