I am a big fan of SlickRun.  I have been able to increase my productivity immensely with this tool, especially when working in different environments.  It is hard for me to keep up with unc paths, server names, etc…

I haven’t really used Windows Search much.  So when I first installed it yesterday, I noticed the ability to create your own shortcuts within the application. It was pretty simple.  The question now becomes, does Windows Search replace SlickRun.

Refer to these guidelines when you create shortcuts:


Open a document
@shortcutname,c:\(document path)\(document name)
To use the shortcut, type resume

Open a program
@shortcutname,=[program command]
To use the shortcut, type note

Open a website
To use the shortcut, type hotmail

Perform a web query
To find a stock quote, type quote msft

From Microsoft’s help on Windows Desktop Search.  BTW,also works in executing AutoHotKey Scripts.